• Special Limited Edition

    Masterpieces of Sheikh Imran Hosein

    Nothing sits better on the collector’s bookshelf than a limited edition.

    • Jerusalem In The Quran
    • Surah Al-Kahaf And The Modern Age
    • Gog and Magog in the Modern Age
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  • The Life of Muhammad (PBUH)

    This biography of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him

    first written by a contemporary Muslim scholar. It includes complete coverage of the Prophet's life, a detailed analysis of pre-Islamic Arabia, the situational context of revelation and a comparative study of the basics of Islamic and western civilizations.

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    The Mystery of
    the Historical Jesus

    The Messiah in the Qur'an, the Bible, and Historical Sources

    Numerous books have been written by Western scholars on the historicity of the Jesus of the Gospels. Some endorse his image in the New Testament while others accept parts of it and reject others. Muslim scholars to have contributed immensely on the subject.

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